About Castings Communications Group, LLC

Keli Mason Siegel

“At Castings Communications we do the tedious work for you. As voice and data experts, we review your current telecom enviroment, find you the best technology at the lowest prices in the industry, enabling you to better communicate”.

Keli brings a wealth of telecommunications experience and knowledge to Castings Communications, Group. During her 29 years in the telecommunications industry, primarily with MCI and Qwest, Keli supported large, global accounts and managed a successful sales team. Keli began her career with MCI in Iowa, transferring to Phoenix, Arizona where she became a top sales representative with MCI and later moving to Philadelphia where she has lived for the past 25 years. Five years ago Keli started a telecom consulting business. “I have access to provide my clients with many different solutions through my relationships with multiple telecom providers, insuring that they receive the best, most cost effective offering in the industry.” Keli has extensive experience negotiating complex contracts and reducing clients overall costs. She studied Mass Communications at Morningside College, Sioux City, Iowa, and resides in Philadelphia’s Old City with her husband, three children and two dogs.

Gary Krause

“We’re ready to recommend and provide solutions to our clients’ needs while saving time and money”.

Gary’s broad experience as a Major Account Executive in telecommunications, Sales Engineer in manufacturing, and retail store/website owner, brings a perfect perspective of what is required to operate a successful business. The key ingredient is the commitment to excellent customer service. Gary has a BS degree from Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, Minnesota and an E-Commerce Certificate from LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA. Gary resides in Old City Philadelphia with his wife.

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